There is pike and trout at Ladybower-and day ticket etc available-please read all of the information on the site as there is a lot more if you use the link.


At Ladybower there is 13 miles of bank fishing available, we also have 15 fishing boats with well serviced engines for hire. These are an ideal way of exploring the water and fishing those areas where other anglers cannot reach.

The main stock of trout are all bred locally to a very high standard, producing great reports of "acrobatics and strong fighting skills".

If the fishing is not your cup of tea then what about the stunning Derbyshire countryside with picturesque surroundings and versatile wildlife all within easy access of Ladybower. 


Ladybower Fly Fishing
(Open season) March – November

This is our stocked reservoir where rainbow and brown trout are released.

Despite the sheer size of Ladybower there is natural fly life present so don't always opt for the norm and fish a lure. The trout can quickly become accustomed to flies so bring a few variations of one specie, varying in sizes and colours.

Hopefully the description of the season can give you an indication to what will fish well in the correct conditions that may be presented during your visit to Ladybower.


Day Ticket 2013 Tariffs

Day ticket 4 fish £20.00
Half day ticket 3 fish £15.00
Evening ticket 2 Fish £10.00
Sporting full day ticket 0 Fish £15.00
Sporting half day ticket 0 Fish £10.00