If you prefer to eat in then there are local shops which we have listed below,


Edale - Post office and small shop selling very basic basics.


HOPE - Spa shop- Veg Shop.

HATHERSAGE-has a nice fresh veg shop-SPAR open till late along with the garage, and a Butchers,


SICKLEHOME-If you drive towards Hathersage there is a really nice cafe just past the garage.  It is called The Riverside (link here)-they have a lovely cheese deli and other products.


Watsons the Butchers (link here)on the edale road going into Hope. They sell wonderful sausages and dry cured bacon.

They also have a good delicatessan.


Chapel en Le Frith- have a large Morrisons, garage and Supermarket. and various smaller independent shops.

Buxton- have a Morrisons- Waitrose and various small shops including a health shop.


If you go to visit Chatsworth the farm shop (link here) is incredible, one of the largest deli's you will ever see.  Lots of local produce. (mostly organic)


Bakewell has a farmers market and lots of individual shops-dont forget to pick up a Bakewell Pudding!